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When you have spent your life working and saving, you want to protect as many of your assets as possible for those that you love. Even younger people have a need for a complete estate plan; we hate to think of it, but the unexpected and happen, and we want our families to be protected. If you are ready to arrange your affairs so that your family is protected and your wishes known, contact a Pleasanton estate planning attorney from The Singh Law Firm. We carefully craft an estate plan that reflects your wishes for your family, and protects your assets from unnecessary taxation that could be avoided through estate planning.

We can help you with revocable living trusts, wills, drafting financial powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives. We also are skilled in assisting in advanced estate planning that is more complex due to a large number of assets or the need for business succession planning, family limited partnerships, or other legal arrangements. We can help you with irrevocable life insurance trusts,irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, and qualified domestic trusts (QDOTs). Some families are interested in charitable trusts or gifting strategies or need help with trust administration. We can also assist you with pour over wills, help you understand issues that could affect your estate such asrevocable living trust vs. will, provide legal counsel regarding a guardianship, power of attorney, arevocable trust or a living trust.

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Each individual has specific needs, and no two people are alike. There should always be a unique plan crafted on an individual basis, one that reflects the exact wishes of the individual or couple. We know how important these matters are; we want the best for our families. Estate planning is part of the process that protects those we love from problems in the future. A well crafted estate plan will allow you to pass on more of your estate. When there is no will, there can be serious problems for the family; the state intervenes and distributes the estate per California law. This is usually not what the individual would have wishes, and we don’t believe you want these decisions made in this manner.

We invite you to contact our firm and make an appointment to meet with us. We listen carefully and can advise you of the various options that are available to you. Some estate plans are fairly simple; others may require a number of trusts or other types of arrangements. No matter what your situation is, our firm can help. We are proud to serve you in all your estate planning issues. We believe that we offer the highest quality service and care to all of our clients, and we are ethical, honest and know the law.

Contact a Pleasanton estate planning lawyer from our firm to get the help you need to protect your heirs.

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