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Help with your Estate Plan

Are you looking for a Danville estate planning attorney to give you guidance in arranging your affairs? At The Singh Law Firm, our legal team is highly qualified to serve you, whether you require only a simple plan that includes a living trust, or the most complex advanced estate plan for families with a large number of assets, properties, stock accounts, works of art and other valuable assets. A Danville estate planning attorney from our firm can provide you with a high level of legal care and service, and we have a deep insight into all the options that could protect your estate for your family or other heirs.

An Individually Crafted Estate Plan

We serve the Danville community in all aspects of estate planning, including drafting revocable living trusts, wills, financial powers of attorney, and advance healthcare directives. We offer legal counsel in advanced estate planning and business succession planning and family limited partnerships. Should your estate plan be best arranged with the inclusion of irrevocable life insurance trusts, irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, qualified domestic trusts (QDOTs), or charitable trusts, we can advise you how to craft an estate plan that will reflect your wishes and intentions, with all the necessary documents drafted and filed.

Estate Planning Attorney in Danville

We can provide you the most current information on gifting strategies that could be valuable to you in your individual and unique situation. We also provide legal services for trust administration. You could be served best by pour over wills, or may need to understand the differences in a revocable living trust vs. will. Some families need to arrange a guardianship, and all estate plans should include a power of attorney with a family member, friend or other trusted individual named to manage your affairs should you become incapacitated. We also provide legal services to draft a revocable trust or living trust if this is the estate planning strategy that will best protect your assets.

Taking action to arrange your affairs is an important matter. There are many families that suffer terrible stress and financial problems simply because their loved one had failed to get their affairs in order and suddenly died through an accident or illness. We can help individuals and couples get their estate organized so that their children are safe; their assets are protected as much as possible; and tax issues are under control. Take the time to contact our firm and speak with us. We believe our level of client care and service will be a pleasant surprise. We are very knowledgeable and are proud to serve individuals and families throughout the Danville area in all estate planning matters.

Contact a Danville estate planning lawyer from our firm for information on trusts, wills and other estate planning strategies.

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