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Planning Your Estate in Burlingame, CA

Many individuals and couples are concerned about estate planning and protecting their children should there be a sudden unexpected loss of life. This is an issue that deserves consideration; many families have suffered great stress and financial losses when their loved one dies in an accident or through illness. At The Singh Law Firm, we can assist you with every detail of estate planning. Our goal is to organize your affairs so that you can live your life with these issues in order, and with your family protected in the way that you hope for. Our Burlingame estate planning lawyer is available to discuss your personal situation and advise you of the various options that could help protect your assets for your heirs.

Crafting a Unique Estate Plan

We offer legal services to create revocable living trusts, wills, financial powers of attorney, advance healthcare directives, and we are skilled in advanced estate planning, business succession planning, and other important legal issues in estate planning. You may be best served by forming family limited partnerships, irrevocable life insurance trusts, irrevocable trusts, or special needs trusts. Some of our clients need qualified domestic trusts (QDOTs), have interest in charitable trusts or gifting strategies. We provide legal counsel in all of these matters, and also serve in trust administration. Some estates are best organized with pour over wills, and you may need a discussion about the advantages of arevocable living trust vs. will. Arranging a guardianship, power of attorney, drafting a unique revocable trust or living trust are all possible in an individually created estate plan.

Estate Planning Lawyer in Burlingame, CA

There is no uniform way to craft an estate plan. A plan that reflects your wishes must be individually created, with the necessary documents drafted and filed, based upon your unique situation. We are prepared to talk with you and discuss your wishes and needs. We have a great depth of experience in creating estate plans that reflect the wishes or our clients. Avoiding unnecessary difficulties, losses, and preserving as much of your estate as is possible is an important matter. Without a will, the state will make the decision about the distribution of your estate. We believe that it is important for families to take the steps to protect their loved ones as early as possible. We are there to assist you in the process so you can be confident your affairs are in order.

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