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Protecting Your Assets for your Heirs

Your family depends upon you for your support, your love and your company. At any age, it is important that you have an estate plan in place so that they are protected should you suddenly pass away. The likelihood that this will occur is low, but planning for the unexpected is a critical issue with regard to your family and their future. Parents with young children should consider putting a comprehensive estate plan in place as early as possible. You want your children to be cared for in the manner that you would wish; an estate plan in place can allow your family to move forward without serious financial problems, tax issues or confusing legal problems is important. At The Singh Law Firm, our Saratoga estate planning lawyer can help you through every step of the process, with your wishes and intentions as the focus.

Saratoga Estate Planning Attorney

At our firm, we offer legal service in all aspects of estate planning, including creating revocable living trusts, wills, financial powers of attorney, the necessary advance healthcare directives and other documents that will allow your family to move forward without stress and concern about what you would have wished. We can provide advanced estate planning services, including business succession planning, family limited partnerships, and other more complex arrangements for larger estates.

If your plan would be best organized with irrevocable life insurance trusts, irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, or qualified domestic trusts (QDOTs), we have experience and skill in all of these matters. Our legal team can discuss charitable trusts, and other gifting strategies that could suit your personal needs and desires. We also serve in trust administration. Should your estate plan be best arranged through pour over wills, or you need information about revocable living trust vs. will, a guardianship orpower of attorney, we can help you with all of these important issues. We also craft estate plans that include a revocable trust, living trust or other types of arrangements that best suit your individual situation.

The Right Estate Plan for Your Situation

We are proud to serve the individual and families in the Saratoga area in these important matters. We know you want to take action to protect your family, but getting the best possible legal guidance is an important part of the process. There are countless ways in which an estate can be organized. You want to ensure that your estate plan offers the most benefits with regard to asset protection and ease of transfer that is possible, based upon your unique financial situation. We listen carefully to what you are envisioning for your family and other heirs, and propose the options that could serve you and your family best. You can make educated decisions with committed and insightful counsel from our attorney.

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