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California Estate Planning

Below please find informative videos on different aspects of Estate Planning, Trust Administration and Estate Tax Planning. Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

The Estate Executor’s Duties

Estate planning isn’t just about divvying up your assets or...

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Estate Planning for New Parents

Estate planning is all about preparing for the future—and that...

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Leaving a Legacy—Even if You Don’t Have Kids

All of us are interested in leaving a legacy, and...

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Immigration and Estate Planning for Non-Resident and Non-Citizens

In the United States, laws related to wills, transferable assets,...

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Start Estate Planning When You’re Still Young

When you’re young—just starting out in your career, maybe, or...

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Having “The Talk” About Estate Planning with Elderly Parents

Nobody likes talking about mortality. It’s an uncomfortable thing to...

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Where to Start with Estate Planning

Estate planning isn’t necessarily an easy thing to discuss. For...

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How Divorce Impacts Your Estate Planning

When you’re in the thrall of a new marriage, it...

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6 Reasons to Revisit Your Estate Plan Under the New Tax Law

The passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has...

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Signs of an Ineffective Estate Plan

Not all estate plans are created equal. Estate plans that...

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You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Benefit from Estate Planning

There are a number of common misconceptions about the estate...

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What’s the Biggest Barrier to Estate Planning?

Estate planning isn’t always easy. From a legal and financial...

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Estate Planning: A Timeline

Estate planning isn’t something you do just once, as you...

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Bitcoin and Estate Planning

A key part of estate planning is accounting for all...

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Should You Do Your Own Estate Planning?

While you certainly can handle your own estate planning, that...

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How Divorce Impacts Estate Planning

One of the keys to proper estate planning is reviewing...

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5 Estate Planning Documents for Business Owners

Business owners tend to focus on ways they can grow...

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Estate Planning 101: A Checklist

There are many people who understand the importance of estate...

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Myths and Misconceptions About Estate Planning

Estate planning is all about the legacy you leave for...

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Should You Hire an Estate Planning Professional?

Estate planning—like household plumbing or electrical repair—is something that you...

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