Do You Really Need a Living Trust Attorney?

revocable living trust california

By creating a living trust, you can manage your assets during your lifetime, and streamline the estate planning process. For many individuals, a living trust may be more beneficial than a last will and testament. A common question about living trusts is, can they be established all on your own? Or is it better to […]

What to Look for in an Estate Planning Lawyer

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An estate planning attorney is someone who helps you put the necessary structures in place to provide for your family even after your death. And, an estate planning lawyer helps you ensure that your own wishes are carried out with regard to end-of-life care. These are important, intimate roles, and can play a significant part […]

What is a Revocable Living Trust in California?

Estate planning is all about preparing for the future, ensuring that your legacy, your assets, and your end-of-life wishes are upheld with minimal hassle to your heirs and beneficiaries. One way in which residents of California might prepare for the future is to put a revocable living trust into place. While this isn’t a necessary […]

What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do to Protect Your Family?

Creating an estate plan is a highly individualized process. The choices you make and the wishes you articulate will ultimately be much different from your friend’s, your neighbor’s, your brother’s, or your sister’s. With that said, your estate plan isn’t just about you. It’s ultimately meant to protect your entire family, including those who survive […]

Estate Planning Documents for Every Stage of Life

Estate Planning Documents

Your estate plan isn’t something you can “set and forget.” It’s dynamic, evolving along with your life and your family. As such, it’s critical to be attentive to your estate plan, revisiting it every few years and amending it as needed. The specific needs of your estate plan will vary according to the season of […]

Irrevocable Trust Taxes

Irrevocable Trust Taxes

One of the primary goals of estate planning is to preserve the value of your estate—ensuring that the assets you leave behind retain their full value as they are passed down to your beneficiaries. A key component of this is tax planning. Simply put, you don’t want your estate to be whittled away by taxes. […]

Should You Serve as a Trustee?

Trustee | Singh Law Firm

It’s an honor when your friend or family member asks you to serve as their trustee. What that means is that they are entrusting you to properly handle key assets upon their death—suggesting that they view you as someone who is trustworthy and responsible. With that said, serving as a trustee isn’t something you should […]

Make These Financial Moves Before Your Baby is Born

Financial Planning Estate | Singh Law FIrm

When you have a little one on the way, there is always much preparation to be done. You have to buy diapers, and assemble the crib, and learn how to properly install a car seat. And of course, there are financial plans to make, as well. In fact, financial advisors and estate planning lawyers advise […]

Don’t Put Off Your Estate Planning!

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It’s all too tempting to delay your estate planning—to say you’ll do it tomorrow rather than tackling it today. Understandable though this impulse may be, it can also be disastrous. Remember: Estate planning is how you allocate your assets to ensure your loved ones are taken care of, even after you die. And, it’s also […]