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Bitcoin and Estate Planning

A key part of estate planning is accounting for all...

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Should You Do Your Own Estate Planning?

While you certainly can handle your own estate planning, that...

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Estate Planning and Digital Assets

When it comes to estate planning, it’s important to be...

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How Divorce Impacts Estate Planning

One of the keys to proper estate planning is reviewing...

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Choosing the Right Estate Planning Lawyer

Working with an estate planning lawyer can help you make...

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Estate Planning with Pets in Mind

Estate planning is an important way to protect and provide...

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Do You Still Need Estate Planning if You Don’t Have Children?

One of the most common misconceptions about estate planning is...

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5 Estate Planning Documents for Business Owners

Business owners tend to focus on ways they can grow...

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Which Assets Should You Leave to Your Family?

A big part of estate planning is deciding how you’ll...

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10 Estate Planning Steps You May Have Forgotten

Estate planning encompasses many different goals—expressing your end-of-life wishes, protecting...

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Key Factors in Succession Planning

When you’re the leader of a major company—or even a...

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Who’s-the-Most-Important-Person-in-Your-Estate-Plan_.Singh Law Firm Blog

Who’s the Most Important Person in Your Estate Plan?

Estate planning enables you to leave a legacy behind, and...

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Common Myths About Trusts & Estate Planning

Through estate planning, you can protect your legacy and provide...

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How Much Should You Pay the Executor of Your Estate?

In the estate planning process, it’s crucial to name an...

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Update Your Estate Plan for the New Year

The beginning of a new year is always a good...

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Common Questions About the Last Will

Many individuals believe they know, more or less, what writing...

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Understanding the Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney, or POA, is one of the...

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Helping Your Parents Manage Their Finances

Sooner or later, most adult children reach a place where...

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Where to Keep Your Will

Creating your will is an important step in the estate...

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Talk to Your Family About Your Estate Plan

You’re not the only one impacted by your estate plan;...

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