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Why Your Estate Plan Needs a Trust

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We often meet with individuals who have gone to the trouble of establishing a last will and testament—and they assume this is all they need for their estate plan to be set. Actually, while having a will is an important start, it’s rarely sufficient. More often than not, it’s also wise to establish a trust, […]

Choosing a Trustee for Your Trust Fund

Choosing a Trustee for Your Trust Fund

In setting up a trust fund, one of the most important decisions you will make is who will serve as the trustee. The trustee you name will play a key role in administering your trust, and after you die the trustee will be tasked with ensuring assets are distributed according to your wishes. Even the […]

Should You Serve as a Trustee?

Should You Serve as a Trustee

It’s an honor when your friend or family member asks you to serve as their trustee. What that means is that they are entrusting you to properly handle key assets upon their death—suggesting that they view you as someone who is trustworthy and responsible. With that said, serving as a trustee isn’t something you should […]

Innocent Mistakes That Can Foil Your Estate Plan

Innocent Mistakes That Can Foil Your Estate Plan

As general advice, we’d say it’s always best to establish an estate plan early in life; that way, you can work out any wrinkles and avoid having any surprise estate planning mistakes down the road. Even these “early adopters” can face issues, however, sometimes due to perfectly innocent mistakes. It’s important to take care of […]

10 Simple Steps to a Foolproof Estate Plan

10 Simple Steps to a Foolproof Estate Plan

Many individuals never think about how their possessions will be distributed once they die—perhaps because they simply lack knowledge about how estate planning is supposed to work. In this post, we’ll provide 10 simple steps you can use for creating an estate plan—and while these steps don’t cover every possible contingency, they will certainly provide […]

Estate Planning for New Parents

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Estate planning is all about preparing for the future—and that means more than just ensuring your finances are in order. It means being certain that the people you love and care for will be fully supported, even if you die unexpectedly. For new parents, there are some obvious implications here. Simply put, if you’ve had […]

Ask Your Attorney for Help with Understanding Living Trusts

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Estate planning is about much more than just having a will. A number of other legal structures and tools can be used to help you protect your legacy—and one of the most common is the living trust. While certainly not the be-all-and-end-all of estate planning, a living trust can help cover some of the basics. […]

Why You Need a Special Needs Trust

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When you have someone in your family with special needs, it means you need to take some extra steps to help them live a fulfilling life. Of course, this might include seeing special doctors and healthcare providers. It might also entail some special financial planning. One particular step that’s often helpful is setting up a […]

Which Assets Should You Leave to Your Family?

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A big part of estate planning is deciding how you’ll pass along your assets— specifically, deciding which assets to leave to which family members. The more assets you have, of course, the more challenging this becomes. There are a few different factors to consider as you determine how to distribute your assets. In this post, […]

Common Myths About Trusts & Estate Planning


Through estate planning, you can protect your legacy and provide for your family and close loved ones—even after death. It’s much too important to get wrong, so before you begin your estate planning efforts, it’s important to dispel a few common rumors. Estate Planning Myths & Misconceptions “Estate planning is only for the wealthy.” The […]