Should You Serve as a Trustee?

Trustee | Singh Law Firm

It’s an honor when your friend or family member asks you to serve as their trustee. What that means is that they are entrusting you to properly handle key assets upon their death—suggesting that they view you as someone who is trustworthy and responsible. With that said, serving as a trustee isn’t something you should … Read more

Innocent Mistakes That Can Foil Your Estate Plan

Mistakes Ruin Estate Plans

As general advice, we’d say it’s always best to establish an estate plan early in life; that way, you can work out any wrinkles and avoid having any surprise estate planning mistakes down the road. Even these “early adopters” can face issues, however, sometimes due to perfectly innocent mistakes. It’s important to take care of … Read more

10 Simple Steps to a Foolproof Estate Plan

Simple Estate Planning | Singh Law Firm

Many individuals never think about how their possessions will be distributed once they die—perhaps because they simply lack knowledge about how estate planning is supposed to work. In this post, we’ll provide 10 simple steps you can use for creating an estate plan—and while these steps don’t cover every possible contingency, they will certainly provide … Read more

Common Mistakes in Last Wills

Wills and Testament | Singh Law Firm

Putting a last will and testament into place is an essential step in getting your estate in order—and if you’ve made a will, you deserve kudos for your initiative. But wait: That doesn’t mean you’re all done. There’s much more to estate planning than simply making a will. In fact, there are many ways in … Read more

Why a Will is Not Sufficient

One of the most common misconceptions about estate planning is that simply having a will in place is sufficient to dispose of an estate and avoid probate court. In most cases, this simply isn’t true. The will, after all, exists to lay out the individual’s wishes for the distribution of his/her estate—but the will itself … Read more