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You have worked long and hard to achieve the American Dream and your family deserves to be taken care of.

Captain your own ship and anchor an Estate Plan to protect what's most important to you - your family.

Do I Need an Estate Plan?

That’s a common question we often get asked. Here is a basic checklist of things to think about if you’re still wondering whether you need an Estate Plan:


If you answered YES to any of these, you need an estate plan!
An Estate Plan allows you to get your financial and health care affairs in order.
It is comprised of four main documents, which make up your entire Estate Plan.
*If you checked YES

Probate is a court-supervised formal proceeding which transitions assets from you to your legal heirs. This process is often time consuming and very costly. Basically, an Estate Plan ensures your assets go directly to your loved ones, instead of getting stuck in probate court.

Probate triggering assets are classified as:

  1. Taxable Bank Account (checking, savings and brokerage accounts)
  2. Real Estate


Why should I avoid probate court?

  • It can take two years to get through, but it can drag on for longer.
  • Probate fees can be anywhere between 4% and 8% of the fair market value of your estate.
  • Creditors are free to invite themselves to probate court in order to collect outstanding debts.
  • Your children or legal heirs could lose it all if they are not of mature age.


Believe us when we say probate court is no fun. It’s not something you want your spouse, children, or heirs to have to go through while they’re still mourning your passing and celebrating your life. Making sure your Estate Plan is properly established helps your family focus on positive memories and strengthening relationships, instead of begrudgingly and indefinitely dealing with loan sharks, lawyers, and court.


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