Revocable Trust Lawyer in Fremont, CA

A revocable trust has the benefit of allowing the Trustmaker to change the trust if they wish. The assets of the individual (or some portion of the assets) are put into a trust, and the income earned will continue to go to the grantor. After death, the assets will transfer to the beneficiaries of the trust. This is a document that has the advantage of the option of being changed over your lifetime. A revocable trust covers three phases of the individual’s life: when the individual (Trustmaker) is alive and well; if the Trustmaker becomes mentally incapacitated; and after the Trustmaker’s death. For more information on revocable trusts, a Fremont estate planning attorney from our firm can help you make a decision about how to best arrange all estate matters.

A revocable living trust can be preferable to a traditional will in many ways. In a living trust, your assets are transferred out of your name and into the trust. This allows your estate to be easily transferred to your beneficiary upon your death. The benefit of a revocable living trust is that you will be able to change the terms of it throughout your life, as you choose. Essentially, when you enter into a living trust, you no longer own the assets that are transferred to the trust. After the Trustmaker passes away, there is no need for the assets to be held up in probate court, they will pass immediately to the beneficiary. A revocable trust can be an excellent way to ensure that your estate is carried out exactly the way you wish after you pass, and that your loved ones are immediately taken care of, without the delay of probate court.


Revocable Trust Attorney in Fremont

When exploring estate planning, it is essential that you talk to an revocable trust attorney from The Singh Law Firm. We are dedicated to helping our clients make the right decisions that will best serve their families, based upon their unique situations. We are experienced in all areas of estate planning, including living trusts, guardianship, and pour over wills. We have a great depth of experience in living trusts, as well as advanced estate planning for those who have larger estates that need to be protected for their chosen heirs.