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What to Look for in an Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate planning attorney is someone who helps you put the necessary structures in place to provide for your family even after your death. And, an estate planning lawyer helps you ensure that your own wishes are carried out with regard to end-of-life care. These are important, intimate roles, and can play a significant part in shaping your legacy. Naturally, you want to seek an estate planning lawyer who can provide you with the highest level of expertise.

Not all estate planning professionals are created equal, though, which raises a question: How do you find the right attorney to meet your needs? Allow us to highlight a few of the most important characteristics to look for in an estate planning law firm.

What to Look for in an Estate Planning Law Firm

1) Experience

First, as you interview potential lawyers, you should always ask about experience level. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with selecting a younger lawyer or a newer firm, but you may wish for someone with a longer track record of experience… and that’s certainly your prerogative. Don’t be shy about asking each attorney you interview how long they’ve been doing estate planning.

2) Focus on estate planning

As you look for an estate planning lawyer, make sure you’re truly getting an estate planning lawyer. What we mean is this: You should look for an attorney whose practice is devoted to this field of law. Some firms claim to offer estate planning services, yet 80 percent of what they do is business litigation, or personal injury cases, or real estate law, or something else. We recommend that you look for a firm where estate planning is a full-time focus.

3) Locality

We recommend finding a firm with local roots. This is important for a few reasons. One, estate planning laws vary from state to state; hiring a Missouri law firm is no use if you live in California. And two, you want to make sure your needs are being handled by a local attorney who can provide you with personal care and attention, not outsourced to some nationwide office. This helps ensure that your case is really taken seriously and given the consideration it requires.

4) Referrals

When meeting with an estate planning law firm attorney, don’t hesitate to ask for some references. Get the names of a few previous clients who will vouch for the firm’s commitment to detail. Be skeptical of any firm that’s reluctant to provide you with these contacts. Also note the presence of any testimonials or reviews on the firm’s website; these can be valuable, as well.

5) Customer service

Your estate planning law firm attorney is someone with whom you’ll work closely, on issues that can feel highly personal. As such, it’s important that you find someone who can provide you with a friendly, transparent, and personal level of service. If the attorney you’re dealing with rubs you the wrong way, if you don’t feel like they are taking your needs seriously, or even if you just don’t like their communication style… go with your gut. Find an attorney with whom you feel more comfortable.

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