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Advance Health Care Directive in Fremont, CA

Should a serious illness or life-threatening injury render you incapable of communicating or if you have lost some cognitive abilities, creating advanced healthcare directives can ensure that you are cared for and treated according to your wishes. Advanced healthcare directives are instructions provided by an individual to specify exactly what actions should be taken in regards to his or her health should that individual become incapacitated and no longer be able to make decisions. These directives usually involve appointing a trusted individual to make health related decisions on the individual’s behalf. If you would like to learn more or establish advanced healthcare directives, speak to a Fremont estate planning attorney.

Establishing a living will is one advanced directive that can let medical professionals and family members know your thoughts on specific treatments should your health deteriorate. Some individuals establish a living will to forbid medical treatment in certain situations. Medical costs can be high in given situations and you may not want to burden your family in this way. By establishing advanced directives, your family members or loved ones will not have to make hard decisions about whether to refuse treatment. A knowledgeable attorney can help you write out a living will to establish advanced healthcare directives should life taken a sudden unexpected turn, or if age or a physical condition affects your ability to make decisions.

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At the Singh Law Firm, we know the importance of planning for the unforeseeable future. Our attorneys have a solid understanding of the difficulties associated with making important medical decisions. By establishing advanced directives you can unburden your family and ensure that your wishes are carried out. Our firm can assist you throughout the advanced healthcare process and make sure these instructions are carried out. Preparing for debilitating illnesses or injuries can save those you love from having to handle administrative duties in your absence. Call our firm today and take a proactive step towards safeguarding your legacy.


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