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Estate planning is a an issue of concern for those of us who have worked hard, saved, and carefully managed our finances so that future generations can have the resources to carry forward with our dreams and hopes. With the assistance of a Fremont estate planning attorney from The Singh Law Firm, you can plan for the future so that every aspect of your estate is arranged, and saving your heirs from difficulty with regard to taxation, business succession and other vital issues. An estate plan should be arranged by a legal professional who will take the time necessary to determine how best to serve your individual needs. At The Singh Law Firm, we will take the time needed to create an estate plan that truly represents your needs and wishes. We have helped over 1,000 couples create a comprehensive estate plan, and we can help you too.

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Our firm assists in all types of estate planning matters, including revocable living trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, qualified domestic trusts (QDOTs), charitable trusts, as well as carefully designed gifting strategies to assist you in gaining advantages for your estate and reduce unnecessary losses through lack of planning. We also can assist in any facet of trust administration. Many have not yet addressed the critical issue of wills, financial powers of attorney, advance healthcare directives, or will require advanced estate planning including business succession planning or family limited partnerships, all of which are of great importance. Life is always full of the unexpected, and we urge you to get your estate plan fully established as early as possible.

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Estate planning can be a complex issue, and we ensure that you fully understand the various strategies that can be implemented to pass on your estate with the least amount of trouble and losses. Without an estate plan, your heirs can not only lose large amounts of your assets through estate taxes, they can have other difficulties such as a long probate in which the state makes the decisions about the distribution of your estate. There are a variety of types of trusts that are extremely valuable for this purpose, and determining what is best for your family and your specific circumstances is a vital issue.

Our goal is to give you the security of knowing that your hard work and your wishes for your heirs are achieved without legal problems and difficulties. Protecting your future should health issues arise helps your children or other heirs to avoid the stress and concerns of trying to guess what you would have wanted. With our help, you can be confident that all such matters are resolved so that your family is not facing difficult issues without direction from you. We are here to assist you, and urge you to contact our office to discuss your estate plan.

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“We just got our estate planning done with Singh law firm. We had a great experience with them including great service and knowledgeable staff. Right from the consultation meeting with Kern Sign himself to the final signing meeting with their Associate Attorney, Karly was nothing but a great experience. They are all very knowledgeable and extremely sensitive to their clients needs keeping in mind the emotional aspects of creating such documents. I would recommend their firm to anyone who is planning to get their trust and will done.” – Namrata G.

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