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The Biggest Estate Planning Errors (According to Attorneys)

5 Qualities of an Excellent Estate Planning Law Firm

Estate planning encompasses some of the most important decisions you’ll make in your entire life. These include decisions about what will happen to your money when you die; who will look after your kids if you die while they’re still minors; and what kind of legacy you’ll leave behind. Naturally, these considerations are too important to leave to chance.

That’s why many individuals and families choose to work with an estate planning law firm, which can guide them through wise and judicious decision-making. As you search for the right estate planning attorney to help with your personal and family goals, there are a few qualities that you should seek out.

What to Look for in an Estate Planning Lawyer

1) The best firms will be focused on estate planning law.

Maybe this sounds like a little bit of a no-brainer, but think about it this way: You wouldn’t necessarily want an allergist to treat you for lung cancer, and you wouldn’t choose an auto mechanic to help with your household plumbing needs. For things that really matter, it’s best to go with a specialist… and when it comes to estate planning, that means finding an attorney whose practice is focused on estate law.

Not personal injury. Not criminal defense. Not child custody. Estate planning.

2) A good estate planning attorney will listen to your needs.

Estate planning is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. What works for one person may not be quite right for someone else; for example, your estate plan may call for the use of a revocable trust, while the next person may not need a trust at all.

A good estate planning lawyer will listen to your needs and recommend solutions that are tailored to your situation, rather than imposing cookie-cutter options on you.

3) Really good firms will offer comprehensive options.

Another important quality to look for in an estate planning law firm? A comprehensive range of services.

For example, will your law firm help with estate and inheritance tax planning? Can they help you set up an advance healthcare directive? Look for a firm that will be able to assist you in developing a robust estate plan, not just a simple last will and testament.

4) The right living wills attorney will emphasize clear, consistent communication.

The estate planning process can sometimes seem cumbersome, even daunting. That’s what makes it so important to find an attorney you feel really comfortable communicating with.

Make sure your lawyer advises you on when and how you can reach them as questions arise; and, how often they’ll check in to review and revise your estate plan.

And if you don’t feel like the two-way communication is there, that may mean it’s time to search for a new attorney.

5) A good estate planning lawyer cares about their clients.

Last but not least, good estate planning attorneys care. They want to know about your goals, your concerns, and your ultimate wishes. They’ll have questions about your kids and your family. They’ll want to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in the estate plan that you make together.

Make sure you find a law firm that conveys a real interest in getting to know you, and in getting to serve you.

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