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Alpha Legacy Plan ®

Alpha Legacy Plan
  • Do you own stock/equity in a company where there will be Institutional Investors coming aboard, an Exit, a Liquid Event, or IPO?
  • Do you own Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS)?
  • Are you an Entrepreneur or Early Stage Investor in a start-up?
  • Do you want to save 20% or 40% in Capital Gains taxes and Estate Taxes Respectively?


Singh Law Firm has been called upon by Founders, C-Suite Executives, Early Stage-Angel Investors, Employees of start-ups to handle their Advanced Estate Planning needs for over a decade. Our Attorney’s expert use of sophisticated Irrevocable Trusts have assisted our clients to save multi-millions in Estate Taxes and Capital Gains Taxes.

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We also know that sometimes the client is bootstrapped and time is of the essence. Our Alpha Legacy Plans ® provide our clients with Attorney Fee options through a combination of fee payment and equity in exchange for our services.

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