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A Notice About COVID-19

A Notice About COVID-19

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”2511″ img_size=”medium” alignment=”center” onclick=”link_image” title=”A Letter From Kern”][vc_column_text]If there’s any silver lining to be found in the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps it is the new appreciation that our lives are precious. Each day is a blessing; not to be squandered, but rather to cherish in the company of our loved ones.


It’s our sincere belief that family is a source of strength. We believe that one of the best ways for any of us to get through this season of tumult is by pausing to reflect on the good things we have in our lives, and the good people with which we share them. Take this opportunity as a defining moment to fortify the strength of your family.


All around us, we see evidence of leaders springing into action, whether at a community level, a city level, a state level, even a federal level. We invite you to join them. COVID-19 will forever be a marker in history, and we hope you’ll look back on it as a time when you provided real leadership to the people closest to you: Your spouse, partner, children, parents, siblings, and/or other family members.


Our sincere hope for you is this: That you will inspire your descendants to value love, self-sufficiency, confidence, and cooperation within the family and the larger community. And, that your children will one day tell stories of this moment in history to their kids and their grandkids, speaking of how their parents were brave, working through this moment with grace.


Remember, there will be a next chapter in our story, after COVID-19. You’re writing it right now, with the decisions you make each day with your family.


May we all make decisions based in gratitude, dignity, and courage.


And if you have questions during this time about your estate plan, please reach out to Singh Law Firm directly.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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