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A Notice About COVID-19

COVID-19 Outbreak: How an Advance Healthcare Directive Attorney Can Help

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all of us in some form or fashion. For example, many of us have been confronted like never before with how fragile life really is; we’ve realized just how quickly things can change, whether due to a pandemic or some other unforeseen occurrence.

If there’s an upshot here, it’s that many have become more proactive in thinking about their own end-of-life issues. Specifically, we know many individuals who have enlisted the help of an advance health directive attorney.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what an advance healthcare directive is, and why it’s worth pursuing.

What is an Advance Healthcare Directive?

As the pandemic has proven, none of us can ever be sure of what tomorrow will bring. Good health is never promised. You never know when an accident or a disease could put you in a coma or leave you otherwise medically incapacitated.

So how do you want doctors to care for you? At what point should life support equipment be used… and at what point should it be discontinued?

If you’re in a coma or otherwise unable to speak for yourself, you won’t be able to inform the physician of your wishes. But if you have an advance healthcare directive, you can lay out your wishes in advance, ensuring they are upheld even if you’re unable to speak.

Working with an Advance Directive Attorney

An advance directive attorney can help you put this vital document in place… and that’s not all. Consider some additional reasons to reach out to an advance health directive attorney.

  • An attorney can talk with you about different options. For example, in addition to an advance healthcare directive, you may also wish to have a power of attorney. A power of attorney allows you to name an individual to serve as your legal representative, making medical or financial decisions on your behalf should you be unable to speak up for yourself. A directive power of attorney lawyer can be invaluable for helping you determine which of these documents makes the most sense for your estate plan (or if you really need both of them).
  • An attorney can help you communicate with your family. Advance healthcare directives can provide peace of mind to the whole family. Your loved ones will be reassured to have clarity about your end-of-life wishes, and not have to guess. Your lawyer will be happy to talk with your entire family about this and other estate planning considerations.
  • An attorney can help you plan for all contingencies. The COVID-19 outbreak has taught us just how little can be counted on in this life. You’ve got to be ready for anything… and that means having an advance healthcare directive, but may also involve life insurance planning, tax strategy, charitable giving plans, and more. Your attorney will walk you through all of these considerations.
  • An attorney can help keep your estate plan up to date. Maybe confronting mortality during the coronavirus pandemic has caused you to rethink some of your end-of-life wishes. If you ever need to amend your existing estate plan, your lawyer will be glad to help.

These are just some of the reasons why now might be a perfect time to meet with an estate planning attorney.

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