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The Importance of a Comprehensive Will

One of the most important aspects of the estate planning process is the creation of a will. Without a comprehensive will in place, your assets will be distributed amongst your surviving relatives as determined by state law, which is likely not in accordance with what you would wish. A will is a legal document that ensures the preservation of your hard-earned wealth and the protection of your legacy. Creating a comprehensive will can be a confusing process without legal guidance. Errors in drafting a will can lead to legal problems, and the specific wording involved can help your heirs avoid future challenges. A Fremont estate planning attorney can assist you in the writing and administration of your will to make absolutely sure your wishes are followed in the event of sudden loss of life. Life is uncertain, and it is best to make these plans as early as possible when you have children.

While a will serves as a means to distribute wealth and property upon death it can serve a number of other functions. Some individuals choose to use their wills to comfort their family and help them transition into a new life without them. With this in mind, wills can range anywhere from a single page simply handing over all assets to one person to sizeable and elaborate volumes specifically mapping out future business and family plans. A will usually describes the entirety of an individual’s estate, designates the people who will receive specific assets, and includes special instructions for the administration and management of the estate.

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It is very important to secure sound legal counsel when writing your will. A will must follow specific state and federal guidelines in order to be upheld in state probate court, and also if challenged. At the Singh Law Firm, we have a comprehensive grasp on the laws surrounding the creation of a will. Our attorneys can walk you through every step of the process to help protect your heirs, and carry out your actual wishes with regard to the distribution of your estate. Estate planning is a way to secure the assets you worked all your life to attain and a way to ensure the security of your family and beneficiaries.


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