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Essential Things to Know Before Hiring a Living Trust Attorney

Finding and Hiring the Right Power of Attorney Lawyer

Looking for a legal professional who can help you establish a Durable Power of Attorney? That’s an important job, one that could have direct implications on your future and on whether or not your end-of-life wishes are met. It’s important to find and hire a credible power of attorney lawyer who can represent your best interests and also provide you with warm, friendly, and approachable counsel.

So what should you know about locating and enlisting such an attorney? We’ll offer a few words of advice, helping you to ensure you make the right choice.

How to Find the Right Power of Attorney Lawyer

First, when it comes to lawyers who specialize in setting up a power of attorney, not all firms are created equal. It’s worth doing some due diligence rather than hiring the first name you come across.

Some recommendations:

  • First, ask around. Talk to family members, friends, and co-workers. Ask them if they have hired an estate planning lawyer to help with this kind of work; and if so, how they’d characterize the experience. Personal referrals and recommendations can go a long way.
  • Also, use Google to your advantage. Pay special attention to reviews that have been written by past clients. While these reviews may not be 100 percent foolproof, they can certainly provide a basic indication of an attorney’s overall reputation.
  • Spend some time looking at the firm’s website. Focus on the narrowness of their legal practice. Generally, you’ll want to find a firm that is committed to estate planning. If it seems like they offer 100 different services, and estate planning is just one small aspect of what they do, you may want to look elsewhere. Get an attorney for whom estate planning is more or less a full-time commitment.

These are a few tips to help you find a good lawyer; next, you’ll want to interview the lawyer, maybe even a few lawyers, to double check that you’re hiring someone good.

How to Hire the Right Lawyer

Here are some tips to consider as you prepare to hire an attorney.

  • Ask about their experience. How many years have they been practicing law, and for how long has estate planning been their focus? You have every right to look for an attorney who is truly seasoned within this area of law.
  • Also ask about the specific service they can offer. Allow the attorney to speak about the ways in which a financial power of attorney or medical power of attorney could be useful in your estate plan. Get a sense not just of how deeply they know their field, but of how ably they can communicate it to you.
  • Make sure you ask about legal fees. A good attorney will be very candid and transparent about how and when they get paid. Be skeptical of lawyers who beat around the bush or don’t want to be frank about their fees.

These are just some quick considerations to keep in mind as you seek to hire the right lawyer to establish your medical or financial power of attorney.

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