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Power of Attorney Lawyer: What Can They Do for You?

As you consider your estate planning options, it’s important to seek help from the right people. For example, a Power of Attorney lawyer can help you navigate different ways to ensure that your wishes are upheld, even if you fall into a coma or are otherwise incapacitated.

Indeed, there are a number of reasons why it might benefit you to speak with an attorney who specializes in Power of Attorney issues. To find out more, we welcome you to contact Singh Law Firm; in the meantime, here are a few of the primary reasons to consider hiring a Power of Attorney specialist.

Why Hire a Power of Attorney Lawyer?

1) They can help you understand what a Power of Attorney is, and why you might need one.

Sometimes, you just need someone who can walk you through the basics.

Your lawyer can clarify exactly what a durable Power of Attorney is, how it works, and what value it adds to your estate plan. Ultimately, your lawyer should be able to guide you in determining whether you actually need a Power of Attorney included with your other estate planning documents.

2) They can help you decide which kind of Power of Attorney you need.

Specifically, a lawyer can outline the differences between the financial Power of Attorney and the medical Power of Attorney.

A financial Power of Attorney allows you to name someone to serve as your legal representative should you become medically incapacitated, making key business, tax, and financial decisions on your behalf.

Meanwhile, a medical Power of Attorney will let you appoint a legal representative to make decisions about the medical care and life support services you receive if you prove unable to make those decisions on your own behalf.

A lawyer can walk you through the ins and outs of each type of durable Power of Attorney, and help you decide whether you need one over the other, or both, to achieve your estate planning goals.

3) They can outline alternatives.

There are some other estate planning documents that you might use in lieu of (or in addition to) your Power of Attorney. A good lawyer can explain all the options.

For example, you may benefit from an advance health care directive, which allows you to clearly state your wishes and preferences for when life-saving treatments should be given (and, when they should be withdrawn). This document allows your intentions to be known even if you cannot speak for yourself. It provides clarity to attending physicians and prevents your loved ones from having to guess or to argue about the kind of treatment you want.

4) They can ensure your documents are drafted properly.

Once you determine which estate planning documents you need, your lawyer can help you draw up the documents in a way that is legally sound.

Remember, if you fill out these documents but make even a small mistake, it can cause the entire thing to be invalidated in court. An estate planning attorney can help you avoid this.

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