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What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Do to Protect Your Family

How Can a Living Trust Attorney Help You During COVID-19 in Planning for the Future of Your Estate?

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that none of us ever know for certain what tomorrow will bring. The coronavirus has brought into stark relief the precarious state of our lives and our world, and it’s prompted many of us to think anew about our level of preparedness for tomorrow and all of its uncertainties.

One way you can ensure that you’re ready for anything is by meeting with a living will, trust, power of attorney specialist. There are several ways in which such a lawyer might help you.

How Can a Living Trust Attorney Help You During COVID-19?

1) A skilled estate planning attorney can help you take stock of your estate.

One of the most critical aspects of preserving your estate is getting a clear accounting of your estate, including the assets as well as the liabilities. This isn’t always as straightforward as you might think. By meeting with a living trust attorney, you can make sure you’re fully reckoning with your estate and not forgetting anything.

2) Your lawyer will also be able to explain all the resources available to you.

It’s often assumed that estate planning is mostly just about putting a will into place. Nothing could be further from the truth. A will helps you determine who gets what, but it may not protect your privacy, shelter you from estate taxes, or maximize the value of the estate that you leave to your heirs. Living trust lawyers can provide you with a better sense of what’s possible with your estate plan.

3) A living trust and will lawyer can help you think beyond your assets.

Estate planning is about more than the value of your estate. It’s also about making sure your wishes are upheld no matter what happens… for instance, if you become medically incapacitated for any reason and are unable to articulate your healthcare wishes. This is where a will, trust, power of attorney lawyer can help you make plans and put safeguards into place, such as an advanced healthcare directive.

4) An attorney can help you update an existing plan.

This unprecedented season has caused many people to change their thinking about life, family, and the future. Maybe your priorities have shifted, or maybe you just want to take a second look at an estate plan you made many years ago. Either way, a will, trust, power of attorney specialist can help you review and amend your estate plans as needed.

5) Your lawyer can answer any questions you have about trusts, wills, and beyond.

These days, a lot of us are looking for some basic peace of mind. Maybe that’s as simple as addressing some long-standing questions about the estate planning process, or about different contingencies that might arise. Living trust and will lawyers can help bring clarity and assurance during this period of great uncertainty.

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The bottom line is that COVID-19 has shaken loose a lot of estate planning questions, anxieties, and needs. No matter the nature of your quandaries, Singh Law Firm can help. We welcome you to contact our estate planning law firm today.

Singh Law Firm has helped countless families throughout California, specializing in such areas as living trusts, powers of attorney, and more. We’d love to walk you through the estate planning process, or simply to answer any questions you have. Again, please reach out to our living trust lawyers at your next opportunity.


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